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Data collection and IP address

When someone visits our website, we collect some information solely for the purpose of our own use and improve our service for the customers. The collected data provide us information on who and where is using our website. The information collected is kept fully confidential and will not be shared with anyone else. For this purpose, we may also record IP address of the people visiting our website.


The information’s and materials provided at WEENTECH publishers website are the property of World Energy and Environment Technology Ltd. (WEENTECH). Use of material is subject to our permission and should not be intended for commercial use. Permission and acknowledgment is necessary to use contents and downloads from WEENTECH website.


WEENTECH publisher does not hold any responsibility for any loss or damage either it is direct or indirect by using contents from website and our courses. We also don’t guarantee that information is without errors. Showing and displaying our partners on website is solely for information and dissemination purpose, we do not hold any responsibility against their acts or function in any form. We are also not responsible for contents and data displayed on our partner's websites.

Your association with WEENTECH as Reviewer, Member of technical committee, Editorial Board members for proceedings or Conference chair is completely voluntary, honorary and non payment basis. WEENTECH is not supposed to pay anything without written approval from the relevant authority.

WEENTECH and the General Data Protection Regulation

As per new EU privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we see GDPR as developing our commitment for responsible data privacy and security practices. We are always examining, evaluating and if necessary enhancing our services, products or practices to comply and ensure that we treat your personal data in accordance with GDPR. We are also working with our partners, suppliers and service providers to ensure that all of us meet the GDPR requirements in advance the day of law enforcement which is 25 May 2018. For detailed privacy policy please visit our Privacy Policy page.


If you have any questions about WEENTECH GDPR program, please do not hesitate to contact your dedicated data protection and data privacy officer by email: admin@weentech.co.uk