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Please fill the author query form below and our admin staff will contact you as soon as possible. For frequently asked questions please go through below.

For frequently asked questions:

  1. Where I can make account, and submit my paper?

    You can create online login account for respective journal through our parent website

  2. What are the author guidelines?

    Each journal has specific author guidelines, please visit the journal home page through and read guide for authors. You can also download the same from the respective journal web page.

  3. How much time it is going to take in completing review of my paper?

    Each journal publication timeline differs from each other though they have to follow strict timeline. Review process time duration varies from typical 8 weeks to 20 weeks. To know review status of your paper please login to your journal home page and visit current status page.

  4. How to make payment for the product and services I need?

    All payment is processed through our parent website; you can select the product and services you are looking for and will be directed to respective page. If you have further query, please contact our management staff on

  5. When I will know, my paper is published?

    It will depend on review process and there is no guarantee that each submitted paper will be published, it depends on quality of research work. Authors will be sent an email from respective journal editor on the outcome if their paper has been accepted or rejected. Once the author receives notification of acceptance it will take 4 to 30 weeks for paper to go in production and come online.

  6. What are the authors rights?

    Copyright for all published content is held by us i.e. WEENTECH Publishers. However, authors are free to use the content for non-commercial and educational purpose. Authors will be provided free link for published paper to share with colleagues, which will be valid for first 12 weeks from the date when paper comes online.

  7. What is open access?

    Open access allows anyone visiting the website to read your complete paper without subscription. However, if you choose to select publish open access you have to pay a fee, depending on journal and the information can be found from respective journal home page under guide for authors tab.

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